Continuing Education D2L Course Login Page


                                                                                      How to access your course on the Academic D2L site:

  1. Log directly into the college’s online system using this link:

  2. Login using your username and password.

    1. Your username is your Trident Tech email address, which is normally your first and last name with no spaces (e.g. However, some students may have unique numbers at the end if another user with the same name is already in our system (e.g.

    2. Your default password is originally set to 'Aa' plus the last six numbers of your social security number plus '$' (Ex: Aa######$), with ###### being the last six numbers. You will be required to change this temporary password the first time you log in.

    3. Use this page for help on how to login:

  3. If you are unable to login, try the following steps:

    1. You may have already logged into our system previously and changed your password (even if it was a few years ago as a credit student). To reset your password, click here:

    2. If you are still unable to login, please:

      1. Email the helpdesk

      2. Or give them a call: 843-574-6999

  4. Once you are logged in, access your courses using the links in the box on the top, right-hand side of the Portal
  5. Below is a snippet from the D2L landing page. You’ll want to scroll down, past all the announcements, to find the “My courses” box. You should see your online class listed in that box.

 Honor Code Pledge – for all online course activities

  1. I will not give my username and/or password to anyone.
  2. I will submit only my original work.
  3. I will not plagiarize*.
  4. I am honor bound to complete all the assigned work and will honestly report my progress.
  5. I will not discuss the contents of any exam with anyone until after the scores have been released.
  6. I will not copy or print all, or part, of any exam. “Copy” encompasses any form of reproduction including, but not limited to, transcribing, printing, photocopying, photographing, and using the print screen tool.
  7. I understand that I can be held accountable for failure to comply with all aspects of this honor pledge as outlined in the TTC Student Handbook.                                                                                                            

Click here for System Check before logging in.